Is This Halloween Costume Racist?

Is This HalloweenCostume Racist-

Cultural appropriation can happen anywhere, anytime. Pop stars, fashion designers, and fraternity parties are common offenders. But there’s one night a year when cultural appropriation gets totally out of hand.

We’ve rounded up some resources that will help you avoid being racist this Halloween. Simply click on each of the titles to learn more.

Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?
Kat Lazo shares 4 questions to ask yourself before you get all dressed up for that Halloween party. Such a great article.

“Our society equates Whiteness with normalcy, and therefore everyone outside of that category is foreign, weird, or joke-worthy—perfect for a costume.”

Happy Halloween For All
The amazing Austin Channing Brown offers 6 tips for those who don’t want to be offensive with their costume choices.

“There is one day of the year, when many of our friends and loved ones believe they have permission to participate in cultural commodification, one day when the idea of respect gets suspended…That one day, is coming upon us.”

Hampshire Halloween Anti-Racism Checklist
Hampshire College’s Community Advocacy Center posted this helpful checklist a couple of years ago.

“Would I be embarrassed or ashamed if someone from the group I’m portraying saw me wearing this?”

[UPDATE: The following resource is no longer available.]
The Ultimate Chart To Make Sure Your Halloween Costume Isn’t Offensive
The folks at MTV put together a basic flowchart to make it plain and simple.

To sum it all up: Just don’t.

For those of you who want to dig further:
I highly recommend Kat Blaque’s informative video about the history of blackface and minstrelsy:

(Click here if the video doesn’t appear in your browser.)

Make sure to share this post with all your friends, so we can celebrate a racism-free Halloween this year!


    • Hi Michael, thanks so much for sharing so honestly. I would say to you, “Be encouraged!” if you feel weird…True growth and transformation always begins with a feeling of disequilibrium. When you start feeling off-balance, you can be tempted to return to what feels safe, or known. But don’t do that! Push into the weirdness and explore what lies beyond it…you will not be disappointed.


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