Native Americans Are Not Mascots

change the mascot

In this last post on the topic of cultural appropriation, I want to focus our attention on a form of appropriation that is so common, many of us may not even be conscious of how offensive it is: Native Americans as sports mascots.

I’m going to ask you to simply listen to the words of Native Americans themselves, in the videos below.

(A little context about the videos: One particular focal point in the debate about Native mascots has been the Washington Redskins, especially toward the end of 2014, when the FCC was reviewing a petition to label the word “Redskins” as obscene or profane. Unfortunately, so far the owner of the Redskins has refused to listen to the protests of the Native community. Let’s not make that same mistake.)

If the videos don’t show up in your browser, or if you’d like to watch even more videos on this topic, checkout our WAiT YouTube channel playlist, Understanding Cultural Appropriation.

There is also a wealth of information on this topic on the awesome website.

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