How WAiT Works

The White Allies in Training website is designed to introduce you to key racial justice principles. We’ve tried to break down each concept into bite-sized pieces, while also connecting you to resources that will help you dig deeper if you so desire.

On our home page you’ll find square tiles featuring our Big Ideas. Click on any tile, and you’ll find a collection of articles and resources on that subject. The tiles are laid out in a loose progression of thought, with each concept building on the next. However, feel free to jump around to the topics that interest you! We try to link back to topics and terminology we’ve mentioned previously.

We’ve only just begun with our Big Ideas…there are dozens more to come! Make sure to “follow” us (see form on right or bottom) so you can receive email updates when we post new articles.

And check out our Resources section! There’s our Glossary—a quick guide to racial justice terminology—as well as recommendations for Books to read, Videos to watch, and Twitter peeps to follow.

You are more than welcome to roam through WAiT on your own. But we also encourage you to gather together a few friends to read and watch and process this material in community. Maybe pick one Big Idea to explore each week, then meet to share what you’ve learned over a meal or coffee. Or form a book club to read—and then discuss—one of our recommended titles each month.

As always, feel free to send us your questions, thoughts, recommendations, or suggestions using our Contact Form.