Asia Pacific
The heat is about to be turned up on fossil fuels, the United States and President Joe Biden. The United Nations and the city that hosts it are focusing this upcoming week on climate change and the burning of coal, oil and natural gas that causes it.
Thousands of South Korean school teachers are calling for tighter legal protections from bullying by parents, a rising problem in a country known for its brutally competitive school environments.
Hundreds of people have rallied in the Malaysian capital accusing Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of helping his key ally to escape prosecution in exchange for political support.
Poland’s conservative governing party was hoping to make migration a key campaign theme ahead of the country’s Oct. 15 parliamentary elections. But not like this.
An Afghanistan-based nonprofit says it is working with the U.N. to free 18 of its staff, including a foreigner, from Taliban detention.
India has cruised to a comfortable ten-wicket win in the Asia Cup final, handing Sri Lanka a heavy defeat at R. Premadasa Stadium.
Eno Ichikawa, who revived the spectacular in Japanese Kabuki theater to woo younger and global audiences, has died. He was 83.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has inspected Russia’s nuclear-capable bombers, hypersonic missiles and an advanced warship on a trip to Russia’s Far East that has sparked concerns about an arms alliance that could fuel President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.
An Afghanistan-based nongovernmental organization says the Taliban have detained 18 of its staffers, including a foreigner, from the NGO’s offices in a central province.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has hosted a meeting with his Belarusian ally, who referred to this week’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and suggested that Minsk could join Moscow’s efforts to revive an old alliance with Pyongyang.
Bangladesh is struggling with a record outbreak of dengue fever, with experts saying a lack of a coordinated response is causing more deaths from the mosquito-transmitted disease.
China is sending Vice President Han Zheng to the U.N. General Assembly’s annual high-level debate. The announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday suggests the country’s most senior diplomat, Wang Yi, will not attend this year’s gathering of world leaders at United Nations headquarters
The head of the Move Forward party, which finished first in Thailand’s general election in May but was denied power by Parliament, has announced his resignation as its chief so the party can appoint a new member to serve as Parliament’s opposition leader.
A human rights lawyer who was arrested in Laos has been deported back to China despite pleas from rights groups and United Nations experts for his release.
Sept. 8-14, 2023

Leaders of the Group of 20 countries met in India. A fire burns on Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Rain causes flooding in Hong Kong.
Officials in Afghanistan and Pakistan say a key border crossing linking the two countries is open again.
The U.S. government has warned a Virginia judge that an American Marine’s adoption of an Afghan war orphan was flawed and could be seen as international child abduction.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected Russia’s most advanced fighter jet at an aircraft factory on his extended visit to the country.
Pope Francis’ Ukraine peace envoy has discussed the need to resume the stalled Ukraine grain export deal to feed the world’s hungry during a meeting with a Chinese official in Beijing.
A small aircraft has veered off a runway while landing in heavy rain in Mumbai in western India, injuring all six passengers and two crew members on board.
A lawyer for former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says a court has rejected the politician’s plea for bail on charges of leaking state secrets.
China is promoting new economic opportunities for Taiwanese people while at the same time ramping up military activity around the island it claims as its own.
Sydney is blanketed under thick wood smoke for a fourth consecutive day due to hazard reduction burns in preparation for the wildfire season.
An industrial park being built in Indonesia on the tropical island of Borneo that has attracted billions of dollars in foreign and domestic investment is damaging the environment in an area where endangered species live and migrate.
The Australian government is proposing tougher restrictions on former defense military personnel who want to train foreign militaries as the nation prepares to share nuclear secrets with the United States and Britain.
Cambodia’s new prime minister, Hun Manet, has arrived in Beijing on his first official trip abroad since taking office last month.
A tower crane has collapsed at a bridge construction project in southwest China, killing six people and injuring five others. authorities say the collapse happened Wednesday in Jianyang city during work to build an expressway bridge over the Tuo River, the city’s transportation bureau said in a stat
Thailand’s new government has approved a measure granting temporary visa-free entry to Chinese tourists, signaling that the recovery of the country’s tourism industry is a top economic priority.
Indian officials say three soldiers and a police officer were killed in separate gunfights with rebels over the past two days in the mountainous Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir.
Three family members of a 10-year-old girl who was found dead in her U.K. home have been arrested on suspicion of murder after they arrived in Britain on a flight from Pakistan.
Sri Lanka’s government has deployed army troops at railroad stations as railway employees continued with their strike.
The Taliban have hailed China’s new ambassador to Afghanistan with fanfare, saying his arrival is a sign for other nations to come forward and establish relations with them.
China has announced that it’s upgrading its diplomatic ties with Venezuela to an “all weather” partnership.
South Korean premier is in Poland for talks on regional security amid war in neighboring Ukraine and also to discuss military and nuclear energy cooperation as the two countries continue to strengthen their ties.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has taken a test ride on Southeast Asia’s first high-speed railway, a key project under China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative.