This week’s new entertainment releases include albums from Drake and Doja Cat, a reboot of Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” franchise with a film starring Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi and the critically-acclaimed “Sex Education,” one of Netflix’s most popular shows, returns for its fourth and final
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Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his golden jubilee on Friday, marking 50 years since he ascended the throne on Sept. 15, 1973.
Germany’s city of Munich is getting ready to tap the kegs for Oktoberfest. That means Bavaria state residents and foreign regulars of the world’s most conspicuous beer party are getting ready to drink and celebrate while showing off their traditional lederhosen.
For a generation and more, Starbucks’ throwaway cup has been a cornerstone of consumer society, first in the United States and then globally.
Blinded by a Russian mortar shell, Ukrainian veteran Ivan Soroka couldn’t see his bride when she walked into his family home in a shoulderless white dress, a bouquet of white flowers in her right hand.
Former Christian rocker Stephen Mason’s life has been shaped by guitars, barber shears and the Bible.
Permanent jewelry? The trend isn’t as scary as it might sound. A chain is made into a bracelet, anklet, ring or necklace that is fused together without a clasp.
Regional health officials in France say a 32-year-old woman is dead and a dozen people have been hospitalized after an apparent botulism outbreak.
Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro’s next book will be one for music lovers. Alfred A. Knopf announced Thursday that Ishiguro’s “The Summer We Crossed Europe in the Rain,” coming March 5, is a collection of lyrics written for the million-selling jazz singer Stacey Kent.
Two shootings three decades apart at the University of North Carolina show how much has changed. Some alumni who remember a deadly shooting in 1995 now have children enrolled at their alma mater in Chapel Hill, where an associate professor was shot to death Aug. 28.
If you think the roads have gotten busier on your morning commute, you’re not alone. The rate of workers driving to their jobs creeped up last year, as did those who carpool to work by car, truck or van.
The rapid depreciation of the Argentine currency and one of the world’s highest inflation rates has made it difficult for Argentines to make ends meet.
Gannett, the United States’ biggest newspaper chain, posted two unusual job listings to its site. On Tuesday, they revealed they are hiring a reporter focused on Taylor Swift.
Olivia Rodrigo is going on tour and she’s bringing the next generation of pop talent, as well as a beloved ’90s alt-rock band, with her.
Law Roach collaborated with luxury Indian husband and wife designers Falguni Shane Peacock as creative director for their “2.0” collection that debuted at New York Fashion Week Monday.
Indigenous women in Brazil’s capital Brasilia showcased their creations during a fashion event as part of the Third March of Indigenous Women to claim women’s rights and the demarcation of Indigenous lands.
A new documentary out Friday, “Invisible Beauty,” offers a unique take on the fashion industry through the life and work of trailblazer Bethann Hardison.
A major new exhibition is opening at London’s V&A Museum to honor and celebrate the life and iconic designs, as well as many more lesser-known creations by famed French designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.
When natural or manmade disasters happen, renters insurance can mean the difference between catastrophe and stability.
In the small town of Lamego in Portugal’s Douro River Valley, where harvesting grapes for wine is in full swing in early September, one of Portugal’s largest and oldest religious festivals draws thousands.
The Nissan Ariya is an all-new electric SUV for the 2023 model year. It’s Nissan’s second EV and serves as a roomier and more powerful complement to the brand’s pioneering Leaf hatchback.