Latin America
The Brazilian government is reinstating a stricter greenhouse gas emissions target first announced in 2015 as part of the Paris Agreement.
Brazilian authorities say a small passenger plane has crashed in the Amazon rainforest, killing all 14 people on board.
Renowned Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, whose depictions of people and objects in plump, exaggerated forms became emblems of Colombian art around the world, has died.
Argentinian candidate Javier Milei has railed against socialism and praised Donald Trump in an interview with U.S. host Tucker Carlson.
In the months since Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed one of the strictest immigration laws in the country, daily life for Florida’s immigrant community has become fraught and governed by fear.
A U.S. judge ruled that Argentina must pay $16.1 billion to minority shareholders of state-controlled oil company YPF due to the government’s 2012 nationalization of a majority stake in the firm.
The U.N. secretary-general is calling for nations to build a world that is more fair for developing countries, as he kicks off a summit in Cuba of the G77 group of emerging economies plus China.
The Dominican Republic has shut all land, air and sea borders with Haiti in a dispute about construction of a canal on Haitian soil that taps into a shared river, as armed Dominican soldiers patrol entry points and military planes roar overhead.
The leaders of China and Zambia have announced an upgrading of their ties as the world’s second-largest economy forges deeper ties with the Global South.
From Europe to Africa to southeast Asia, tens of thousands of climate activists around the world launched protests Friday to call for an end to the burning of planet-warming fossil fuels as Earth suffers from dramatic weather extremes.
Sept. 8-14, 2023

Scientists in Colombia are breeding mosquitoes to fight dengue fever, Chileans marked the 50 year anniversary of a coup that ushered in a brutal military dictatorship, forward Jenni Hermoso, who has accused now-suspended president of the Spanish soccer federation Luis Rubiales of sexual assault, ret
Mexico is on track to receive more asylum applications this year than ever before as the flow of migrants threatens to overwhelm governments at multiple points along the migratory route.
The Dominican Republic’s president has announced he will close all borders with neighboring Haiti starting Friday in a dispute over a canal on the Haitian side that would divert water from a border river.
Brazil’s Supreme Court has handed a 17-year prison sentence to a supporter of former President Jair Bolsonaro who stormed top government offices on Jan. 8 in an alleged bid to forcefully restore the right-wing leader to office.
The United States government has granted asylum to Guatemala’s former lead anti-corruption prosecutor two years after he was fired and fled the country under threat of arrest.
Haiti’s government says it has met with Dominican officials in the Dominican Republic to talk about a threat by that country’s president to close all borders in response to a row over the construction of a supposed canal.
Consumer prices in Argentina have soared 12.4% in August, compared to the previous month, a number that puts the government on the defensive a little more than a month before presidential elections in which a right-wing populist who admires Donald Trump appears the favorite to win.
Suriname for the first time in its history will see offshore oil drilling in its waters after French company TotalEnergies announces a $9 billion project expected to boost the impoverished country’s economy and ease austerity measures imposed by the International Monetary Fund..
The specter of UFOs and little green men visited Mexico City as lawmakers heard testimony from researchers suggesting the possibility that extraterrestrials might exist.
Brazil’s Supreme Court justices have begun mulling whether to convict defendants accused of storming top government offices on Jan. 8 in an alleged bid to forcefully restore former President Jair Bolsonaro to office.
The government of Guyana has opened bids for 14 offshore oil blocks available for exploration and development as the South American country seeks to ramp up oil production.
Nicaragua has increased human rights violations and persecution of the opposition as it ratchets up its efforts to stifle dissent, a United Nations group of experts monitoring the country says.
Following raids on electoral facilities in Guatemala where government agents opened boxes of votes and photographed their contents in what experts called an unprecedented violation of the law, President-elect Bernardo Arévalo said that he was temporarily suspending the transition process and called
Gunmen have killed the representative of Mexico’s Attorney General’s office in the southern state of Guerrero.
Spain is stripping deceased former Chilean leader Gen. Augusto Pinochet of a Spanish military honor bestowed on him more than 40 years ago by the country’s former dictator, Gen.
Hurricane Lee is whirling north of Puerto Rico as a very large Category 3 storm, with forecasters noting it would remain in open waters through this week while on a path toward Atlantic Canada.
The U.N. says coca cultivation reached an all-time high in Colombia last year the administration of President Gustavo Petro struggles to reduce poverty in remote areas and contain armed groups that are profiting from the cocaine trade.
Mexico’s former Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard says that he will wait to see how the ruling party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador handles his call to nullify its recently completed presidential candidate selection process, but warned that if not satisfied he will leave the party.
Canadian federal prosecutors are arguing that a man facing murder charges in the deaths of four members of a Muslim family was motivated by white nationalist beliefs.
The president of the Dominican Republic says he has suspended issuing visas to Haitians, and he is threatening to shut down land, air and sea traffic between the two neighbors over their latest dispute.
The president of Chile issued a fervent defense of democracy on Monday. It was the 50th anniversary of the coup led by Gen.
Police in Jamaica have charged a man they suspect is a serial killer involved in the deaths of at least four people with murder.
Mexican authorities say a convoy of vehicles crossing into Mexico from the U.S. has been attacked by armed civilians, and three people, including American citizens, were wounded.
Hurricane Lee is barreling over open waters just northeast of the Caribbean and unleashing heavy swells on several islands as it regains some strength and expands in size.
A U.N. envoy is urging urged Ecuador’s leaders to boost enforcement of labor laws and end popular fuel subsidies.